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G&Z Investment Group goal and part of its mission and vision - aim to support and fund social causes around Cambodia. We work towards giving every chosen community people to get jobs and extend the company’s helping hand to support the people who are hearing and verbally impaired. achieving the main 3P (PPP) company goal. 1.People – Supporting local communities, locals, support disabled people “Deaf and Mute” by giving them work, through charity works and also donations. 2.Planet – G&Z support Eco-friendly environment, protecting nature and to reduce the use of plastic, promoting clean and green movement using re-usable materials. 3.Profit – the company profit a percentage is to be shared to all staff, benefits, welfare, development. also, a percentage to support communities.


We support to local communities And disabled people (Single Mother, Deaf & Mute) By offering Them an employment, For a sustainable Solution Of their living life.


We care about eco-friendly Environment And do reducing The usage of plastic, promoting Clean and green movement by Using the re-using or recyclable Material.


We share part of the company Profits to all Of our employees and Take the percentage Of the income Subsidized as a humanitarian Donation to local communities Set as our Corporate social Responsibilities.


From management to staffs - at GZ-DNA we always care about our social impact. We have provided variety of ways of addressing social issues and social awareness in Cambodia. All our staffs we do Blood donations to Children hospital every year.