GZ Management Team


Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

Sarath is Founder/ Chief Executive Officer of GZ Investment Groups

Sokun HENG

Co-Founder/Chief Development Officer

Sokun is Co-Founder / Chief Development Officer for GZ Investment Groups

Vuchseng CHOENG(Keven)

Co-Founder/Chief Investment Officer

Keven is Co-Founder / Chief Investment Officer for GZ Investment Groups


Area General Manager (Zone A)

James is our Area General Manager who manages 3 properties – GZ Luxury, GZ Eden Resort and GZ Plan B Hostel.

Sovann KHOM

Senior Operation Director

Sovann is our Director of Operations – supporting GZ Investment Groups

Nary KEO

Director of Sale & Marketing

Nary is Director of Sale & Marketing for GZ Investment Groups

Sreymom KOL

Senior Chief Account

Sreymom is senior chief account of GZ Investment Groups

Sreypov SRONG

Account Manager (Zone A)

Sreypov is Account Manager who manage GZ Premier Luxury Residence, GZ Eden Privilege Resort & Plan B Hostel

Sreyream THORN

Account Manager (Zone B)

Ream is Area Account Manager who supporting 3 properties- GZ Angkor Boutique Hotel, GZ Bliss D’Angkor Suites & GZ Urban Hotel

Kuntheavy CHAK

Hotel Manager

Kuntheavy is our Hotel Manager for GZ Premier Luxury Residence & Spa


Hotel Manager

Phann is our Operation Manager for GZ Eden Privilege Resort & Spa.

Thaiseng LY

Operation Manager

Thaiseng is our Operation Manager for GZ Angkor Boutique & Conferences

Bunchheoun DAM

Operation Manager

Bunchheoun is our Operation Manager at GZ Urban Hotel


Operation Manager

……..is opertation manager at GZ Bliss D’Angkor Suite

Vouchheng LUY

Senior Executive Secretary

Vouchheng is Senior Executive Secretary for GZ Investment Groups

Sovanmonyneath SAN

Assistant Human Resource Manager

Sovanmonyneath is Assistant Human Resource Manager for GZ Investment Groups

Dany BOU

Assistant Reservation Manager

Dany is Assistant Reservation Manager for GZ Hotels Groups

Sonin LENG

Group Executive Chef

Sonin is our Group Executive Chef for GZ Investment Groups